The Prefect Whisky Cocktail. Ice or Teeth?

Irish Whiskey Photography

Some products suggest their own niche when it comes to product photography. If we stick to whisky, or as the Irish have it, whiskey, we can see the pattern.

Haig Whisky has the distinctive blue bottle, which logic says should be reserved for bleach or old fashioned medicine. But they went with blue. And they sell the blue as cool. In fact their whole photographic campaigns emphasise cool, with David Beckham pitching up at a Scottish Castle, Haig in hand, as dusk settles. The group of cool people are already there and Becks is swinging that blue bottle as he walks into the cool weekend. For those wanting to be friends with the likes of Becks, this must be a really big sell.

Over in Ireland however, another sports star is selling whiskey. Proper 12 product photography features the brand owner, Conor McGregor in various poses with the whiskey bottle. Many images seem to be photographed inside pubs, with McGregor’s projected persona changing with each photo-shoot. He appears relaxed and approachable in some images. Others he is giving off the vibes of a guy you maybe want to avoid in a pub. He appears to be bursting from his tight clothes as he enjoys more than a few. Then we see some product images superimposed on sporting pictures of McGregor, the manic beast of the MMA ring. Hmmmm. A journey of sorts, but not one many would willingly take I would venture.

Shooting the Irish Whiskey, the Quiet Man, I did try to achieve the atmosphere of a quiet study in the evening. The time is right to do a little fly tying, or reviewing of flies in preparation for future days enjoyment on the river. Sitting at home, in the study, why not enjoy a glass of fine Irish as you contemplate the pleasures of days to come?

For this photo-shoot I kept the lighting simple and warm to give the feel of tungsten light, but this was shot with daylight balanced strobes and colour gels. For those wishing to know the lighting set-up was: One large soft-box to the right shot though a large diffuser and a snoot trained on the background from the left. The snooted strobe had a warm gel attached to the light modifier and gold card was placed behind the bottle and the glass to reflect warm light back though the liquid. Liquid gold!